Hi gang, here we go again. Kappys holds a series 6 liquor license and therefore has been instructed by the governor’s office to close until July 27th, unless extended at that time. Although we feel confident that we could demonstrate to the Arizona Department of Liquor Licenses and Control that our primary purpose is the sale of food, not alcohol, we have decided to close as instructed. We have taken every feasible precaution to protect the Kappys family of customers and employees. However it appears that we here in Arizona have not been able to get our Covid 19 numbers down to a manageable level. We have some tough work to do but Arizonans are tough. We are supportive of our neighbors and open to the reality that people have differing opinions, but there is common ground that is laid with respect and civility.

We all want this virus to subside. How we get there has been a subject of heated debate, but as long as the governor has mandated that a few business must close we will respect his decision and join in the effort. As fellow Arizonans who wish to see peace, prosperity and equality for all of our neighbors and ourselves, we sincerely hope these latest efforts will have significant impact. We want to thank everyone who has supported us these last few months. We can’t wait to see each and everyone of your sweet faces again soon.

Stay well, much love, Kris, Kurt and our Kappys family.